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NEWS: (Right the Hell Now)

So, I guess the moral of this comic is that we’re all a little 
perverse, in our own ways. I mean, sure, you and I may find yaoi to be disgusting, 
but I know several women who enjoy it from time to time. Don’t forget, just 
because you don’t like something, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong or 
should not exist. People have different tastes, and enjoy different things, even 
if you think those things are terrible and disgusting.

On that note, anyone else glad “Friends” is off the air?
Anyway, this will be the last pre-Otakon comic we’ll be doing this 
year. I wanted to have a comic about Kain’s plans for using Pocky at the 
convention, but time just wasn’t on my side. We’ll try to have a new comic early 
next week, then maybe we’ll get back to the main storyline. If anyone else 
is going, I’ll see you in Baltimore!




**UPDATE**  I do not know why some comics don't load.  Keenspace isn't exactly the Ritz.  **END UPDATE**  I, on the other hand, won't be going to Otakon.  Frankly, it's because you convention-goers freak me the Hell out.  Of course, my biggest example is the Man-Faye.  To put up with this crap as a group deters me more than any amount of fan service can offer.  Last time I went, I spent most of my time playing Final Fantasy Origins in my room.  Ask Tom, he'll tell you.  I will be at home, at work, or at play, in either playing/painting my Warhammer 40K miniatures, or Tales of Symphonia, which is excellent, by the way.  Otherwise, I got nothin'.  'Cept for my unending love of Mrs. Hannigan.  No, I don't believe she's married.  I refuse to, on principle.



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by Ken Scott:


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