Save Point.  Fellow sprite artiste.

  Reset.  Aah, who can resist more sprite comics?

  The Crono Files.  Ass jokes a-plenty.

: Aah, Penny Arcade. Who can lead a full, Christian, American life without it?

: MegaTokyo. Them boys do good work.

: 8-bit Theater. Michelle loves it, and she doesn't even PLAY video games! Plus, he's sent us mail! That makes him X-tra Schaznasty!

: Polymer City Chronicles. PCC is one the more oddly drawn strips. Not bad, just odd.

: The Class Menagerie. Anthropomorphic fun for all!

: PvP. Who doesn't want a gaming fez?

: Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite. Lucas at his finest, I tell you.

: Bob and George. Megaman kickin' it hard, yo.

: RPG World. Ian hits it right in the nail.

: Adventurers. Want RPG, but want it five days a week? Here!

: BigMog. If you had a Big Mog, wouldn't you?  It feels good to put this back up.

: Jones Soda. With products like that one, you can't help but buy it. THE official soda of LLV.

: Ninja Burger. Served to you fresh, or they'll commit seppuku! That's service!

: I told you we liked the band!

This is where we get most (if not all) of the images you see.  Bad-ass place!

This place has a HUGE pic, but man!  What an archive!  Love these people, as we love them!