Frequently Asked Questions


Didn't this used to be a hand-drawn strip?

Yes.  Sadly, that art is still lurking somewhere in here, but I'll never give it a link again.  Well, maybe.  The hand-drawn art has gotten better, and does show up occasionally, but this is mainly a sprite strip.

Why Chrono Trigger?

Trigger seemed to be (at the time) a game not used by sprite comics.   Then, it was all about Mega Man (inspired by the venerable Bob and George) or from Final Fantasy (from the talented 8-bit Theater.)  At the time, Chrono Trigger sounded new and fresh, and was the least likely to come off as a "rip-off" of other successful comics.  We named it CTRO for irony's sake.

That, and we ARE ripping off the game.

Why'd you two do it?  Was it for the money?  The women?  The men?

We did it because I, Mark, got tired of drawing crappy hand-drawn stuff, and Tom can draw worse than even me, so sprites evened the playing field for us.  As for money, we haven't gotten a damn cent from this yet.  As for women, nope, but Kimmy would kill Tom if he did.  However, Mark fully endorses CTRO groupies.  Look for him.  If you can spot him, you can have him.  And as for men.....

Shut up.

Can I make with the linkies?

Assuming you want to make a link to our site from yours, yes.  God yes.  We're so lonely.

Do you guys like...take fan art?

Sure.  If we ever get any, we'll make up a page for it so your efforts can be displayed for adulation/embarrassment.

Where are those cute (but annoying and oft offensive) pics you used to post?

Ever since the "6 faggots in Gravy" incident (A Faggot is some kind of meat, and it was a picture of a package), I've been hesitant to put up a new image.  But I think I have a solution...Heh heh.


**Update:** My solution: you don't like it, you can shove it.

I have a positive comment about your strip.  And by that, I mean I want to curse incoherently at you for a page and a half.  How would one do that...hypothetically speaking?

 Good question Billy.

My name's not Billy.

You see Billy, we have our e-mail addresses up on the main page (just click on our youthful, cute, and highly marketable faces) and you can reach us.  Or, post in the forum.

What's up with that Crazy Joe?  What has he got to do with anything?

There's more ways to explain him than there are grains of sands on the beach.  So I'll leave it up to you.  Go get some sand.

Why is the Shaun guy up?  What does he do?

Our bespectacled, stubbly friend has put up the occasional comic, and he contributes frequently to this site's development.  Thus, he gets a picture.  That, and he's our pal.